The inner demon

This is a quick something I wrote a few years ago during the time I was struggling with my eating problems. I found it on my computer and looking at it, I feel like it was also referring to my self-harm that I had written it to try and describe both things at once.


It is that feeling you get

That something or someone

Is there and is lingering

And a small voice that says

Once more

Just one more

Try again.

Be Secretive

Be quiet

Then a door shuts

And you stop




Holding the tears


The door shuts again

You look

All clear

You turn around

With your weapon

You get rid of the feeling

Once again

And again

And again

Finally, you can stop

Head spinning

Eyes watering

In pain

Sitting back


You force yourself up

Small steps

To the sink

A face of disgust

Looking at you

You walk away

From the demon

From yourself


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